Air quality assessment using CFD simulation

Area: Industry, Transportation, Public Health, School


Category:  CFD Simulation


How to increase air quality in enclosed spaces?

There are situations in which the simultaneous presence of several people in small spaces is unavoidable, especially in critical operations such as the transport of patients in emergency vehicles. In addition to the protective measures already in place, can the level of safety be increased through ventilation?


CFD analysis to verify air purity

Perform a CFD analysis of an emergency transport helicopter equipped with an air purifier, evaluating the behaviour of suspended particles in motion.

Our solution and the benefits for the customer

Case history: CFD study for the cargo compartment of a helicopter

SAECON conducted a CFD study of the cargo compartment of an emergency transport helicopter in which a purpose-built device continuously purifies the air. The results show that the environment, potentially dangerous from the point of view of virus spread, maintains a high level of safety thanks to the constant removal of potentially contagious particles.

The analysis carried out by SAECON allowed the Customer to increase the level of safety of its vehicles by minimizing the risk of virus spread.