Converting 3D CAD models

Area:  Machinery, Engineering


Category: Office automation, Production, Lean


Modifying the code of thousands of components

The Customer needs to convert old 3D assemblies, containing several thousand components, replacing the names previously used with newly adopted codes. This work, if done manually, is long, repetitive, expensive, without any added value for those who perform it and highly prone to errors.


Automating procedures

Automate this activity in order to reduce conversion time and costs, eliminating errors in associating new codes.

Our solution and the benefits for the customer

Minimizing time

SAECON has automated the process by providing the Customer with a “macro” software able to read the structure of the original 3D model, compare it to a reference file and determine if and how each component needs to be renamed and saved. This automated process requires a minimum execution time (about 30 minutes for 5000 components).