Optimisation of the CNC production department

Area: Industrial machinery, Machining


Category:  Optimization


Increasing production efficiency

The Customer needs to increase the efficiency of its CNC production department in order to meet increasingly shorter processing times while maintaining a high standard of quality of the items produced.


Data analysis and processing

Analyse work flows and methods in order to understand their criticalities and peculiarities, providing the Customer with both an analysis of the current scenario (able to improve the know-how related to internal processes) and, where possible, tools and suggestions to improve production efficiency.

Our solution and the benefits for the customer

Improved production efficiency by reducing time losses

SAECON, in collaboration with the Customer, collected all the available information and structured them in order to give a complete picture of the current scenario of the main departments (purchasing, technical, manufacturing).

The reports provided to the Management allowed to outline solutions aimed at reducing waste and increasing overall efficiency, thus achieving the objectives of hours worked and revenue required by the Customer.