Pressure drops. Test bench for control algorithms

Area: hydraulics, pneumatics


Category:  engineering, testing


Pressure losses in a duct

Design and realisation of a command and control system for testing a hydraulic or pneumatic circuit under different working conditions, with the aim of measuring pressure drops within a duct.


Operating via graphical interface

Offering the possibility for the technician carrying out the characterisation of the hydraulic/pneumatic circuit to easily modify the working conditions without physically woriking on the system, but through a graphic interface.

Our solution and the benefits for the customer

Testing and data acquisition with sensors

We built a test bench operated by a mini PLC capable of controlling pumps and solenoid valves using an algorithm developed by SAECON engineers. The algorithm receives input from a touchscreen display connected via a CAN network to the PLC. Acquired by a digital oscilloscope, sensors allow the signals to be measured and processed at frequencies and for time intervals that can be set according to the requirements of the test to be performed (not bound to the test system).

The customer has a simple, user-friendly system to manage an experimental plant.


Design and prototype time: 50 hours.