Seismic structural analysis for a production line

Area:  Industrial machinery

Categoria:  Structural analysis, Safety


Structural analysis of a machine in a seismic zone

The installation of a production line in a seismic zone requires an accurate structural analysis to determine the response of the system not only to normal operating loads, but also to seismic actions.

The design of a steel structure using FE analysis methods allows to prevent potential problems and optimize the design, with reduction of weight and costs for the customer.


Structural analysis and compliance

Evaluate the response of the structure to permanent, variable, accidental and seismic loads and determine if the structure meets the standards of the country of installation.  Evaluate the mechanical strength of the material, welded joints, and bolts according to EUROCODE 3.

Our solution and the benefits for the customer

Cost savings and compliance with standards

The analysis let to evaluate in advance the response of the structure to seismic loads and the possibility of modifying an existing design in order to install it in foreign Countries with particularly high safety requirements.

The Customer benefited in the quotation, design, and certification phases, providing all the necessary technical documentation for legal compliance.