Structural Strength Analysis in Explosion Protection

Area: industry


Category:  engineering, FEA, optimization


How to protect yourself from explosion risk

In industry, a lot of machinery works with dusts, liquids or other materials that are subject to high explosion risks under certain conditions. Through a risk assessment,  experts in the field identify solutions to minimise this risk. However, very often, it is essential to know the structural strength of the component to be protected in order to allow the experts to choose the best solution.


Analysis activities to support experts

Assessing the structural strength of machinery or vessels (silos) to support experts in the field of explosion protection for the optimal choice of explosion protection strategy and the consequent risk minimisation on existing machinery.

Our solution and the benefits for the customer

Cost-benefit analysis to choose the best option

The analysis carried out allowed the experts in the field of explosion protection to choose the best strategy to minimise the risk in an industrial dust processing machine. This allowed the customer to carry out a cost/benefit analysis to evaluate and choose the best option between replacing the machinery and improving the protection on the existing one.