The strengths of graphic rendering

Area: machinery


Category: design, engineering


How to present the product still in the prototype phase?

The Customer needs to submit his product to potential buyers and prepare marketing and sales materials, but the prototyping phase is not completed yet. He is concerned about a possible delay or even fail of the sale because the buyers ask to “see” the finished product.


Using the graphic render to create the catalogue

Starting from the 3D model of the product, create a graphic render of photorealistic quality, which shows a clear idea of how the finished product will look like.

With this kind of rendering, it is possible to show a “stock” product as well as all the variants and different models foreseen, even if still under study. It is possible to realize a sales catalogue well in advance of production.

Our solution and the benefits for the customer

3D modelling to reduce time and costs

The benefits of this activity are evident in terms of product presentation time which, especially in a highly competitive market, can make the difference compared to the competition, with the possibility of deriving different variants from a single 3D model.

Plus, there are two important aspects of graphic rendering:

  • technical details protected by trade secrets can be omitted, which is not possible with a photographic render;
  • time and monetary savings due to the possibility to set specific environments or scenarios that show all components from the same point of view and with the same lighting without resorting to expensive photographic set.