Ventilation and virus spread

Area: industry, transportation, public health, school


Category:engineering, CFD simulation, experimental measures


Shared spaces = higher risks?

What happens when we share the same space for a long time with other peples?

Are the protective measures to reduce the risk of infection (Covid-19 or other diseases) in offices (private or public) sufficient?


Reducing the risk of infection

Measuring ventilation and conducting a CFD analysis that simulates the behaviour of particles within office spaces is proven to help decrease the risk of contagion, ensuring a better distribution of occupied spaces and suggesting techniques or solutions to keep air quality constant.

Our solution and the benefits for the customer

CFD analysis to ensure people’s well-being

SAECON conducted a CFD study in the Customer’s office. The results showed that not only after a few hours the environment was completely saturated with potentially contagious particles but also that air conditioning without air exchange was a problem.

The measurements and analysis made by SAECON led the client to modify the arrangement of spaces and people to reduce the risk of virus spreading as much as possible.