Structural assessment of glued connections

Sector: Mechanical industry, R&D, Failure analysis


Categoria: Engineering


Verify the reliability of bonding

In industrial applications, in addition to “classic” connection methods such as welding or riveting, glues are widely used. It is therefore essential to know their characteristics and structural resistance in order to guarantee the safe and reliable functioning of any industrial component over time.


Verification key parameters

Offering customers comprehensive support for the testing of bonded connections, to determine key parameters such as structural strength, connection failure strength, and type of failure (debonding or glue failure).

Our solution and the benefits for the customer

Simulation of bonding behaviour

By means of a CZM (Cohesive Zone Material) modelling of the bonded connection, the interaction between the glue and the components can be simulated and the contact properties defined according to the materials involved.

By means of a finite element analysis (FEM) it is then possible to determine the failure loads of the connection and whether the failure occurs due to material collapse or due to debonding.

The simulation of the bonding behaviour allows to reduce the experimental campaign to the minimum necessary and can be implemented both in the initial R&D phase to support the design, and in Failure Analysis situations to identify possible design problems related to the bonded connection.