Vibration analysis of machines

Area:  Industrial machinery, Metalwork


Category:  Structural analysis, Engineering 


Study of the dynamic behaviour

The Customer, a manufacturer of automatic machines, needs to evaluate the dynamic behaviour of some machines, in order to identify the causes that lead these machines to have an undesired vibrating behaviour. They require an accurate structural analysis of the metal structure with FE analysis methods and solutions to optimize the design and prevent potential problems.


FEM analysis of the structure

Improve the response of the mechanical structure to the stresses, helping the Customer to develop solutions feasible from both the functional, monetary, and aesthetic point of view.

Our solution and the benefits for the customer

Simulation and experimental measurements

SAECON engineers started from the 3D model provided by the Customer to carry out a FE simulation that allowed to evaluate the response of the system to the loads acting on the structure.

On the actual machine experimental data collection with accelerometers were carried out, in order to validate and refine the simulation model to a faithful representation of the actual behaviour. Suitable changes in the design of the model were then added to assess possible solutions for the problems encountered, which allowed the Customer to improve the design of the structure. creating a more rigid and performing frame. Further experimental measures on the new frame, more rigid and better performing, allowed to validate the achieved result.