Vibration analysis on industrial mixing machinery

Area:  Indusrial machinery

Categoria:  Structural Analysis,  Optimization


Reducing static and dynamic stresses

Industrial mixing machines process large amount of material at high rotational speeds, leading to static and dynamic stresses that are not always permissible. To prevent excessive vibrations, finite element analysis (FEA) can be used to determine the modal shapes of a given geometry and, consequently, the frequency response of the system under operating conditions.


Testing the structure with and without loads

Evaluate the frequency response of the mechanical structure without loads and with different load configurations. Determine whether the structure meets the requirements of the standards in force in the country of installation, or those required by the Customer, for its own frequencies.

Modifications to the structure to comply with legal and safety requirements are studied, if necessary.

Our solution and the benefits for the customer

Setting up a silent, reliable and compliant machine

The analysis allowed to evaluate the frequency response of the system and to identify the frequencies responsible for vibration amplitudes higher than the limits allowed by the standards and by safety.

Structural modifications were agreed with the Customer and applied to solve the problem. The Customer was able to launch on the market a silent and reliable mixing machine in all load conditions.