Welding assessment using FKM tool

Area:  metalworking


Category:  engineering, FE analysis, welding assessment


New FKM tool

SAECON uses the new FKM tool integrated in Ansys Workbench, an assessment method developed in Germany and widely used throughout Europe. It is considered to be the state of the art in structural verification of metal components of various types and under various types of loads.


Assessments and analysis

Provide the Customer with comprehensive support for global and local weld and base material verification for load combinations and fatigue cycles.

Our solution and the benefits for the customer

Minimised calculation time

With this tool it is possible to define load spectra, local and global parameters, materials, damage consequences, in order to produce both graphical results for a quick and global evaluation of the stress state, and a detailed report containing the whole calculation process from assumptions to results.

Calculation times are minimized by simplifying the model in areas exposed to lower levels of risk, typically with two-dimensional elements and avoiding modelling the weld seam, which is then defined during FKM verification. The detailed representation of the weld, which is burdensome both in terms of modelling and calculation, is limited to the areas subject to higher levels of risk.