Safety and Engineering

We are your ideal partner to always have the best technical support available on current directives and regulations.

Machinery Directive

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INSAFE services(Company Network)

SAECON, as an INSAFE partner, offers specialized and professional support for the design and industrialization of the machine, meeting all the safety regulatory requirements

Our experience in the regulatory field and our knowledge in mechanical and electrical fields allow us to offer a targeted support to the specific needs of the customer. We offer concrete and appropriate solutions that respond professionally to the requirements of the law and especially to those of the customer.

For our customers we organize internal courses on Directives and regulations of the sector.


CERTIFICATIONS for machinery and / or production lines

SAECON is addressed both to machine manufacturers, offering an innovative method of work developed in phases: from preliminary analysis to the preparation of the declaration of conformity, and to end users, guiding them through the steps required by the regulations in force and compliance of the machines.

If necessary, SAECON stands as manufacturer, assuming the responsibility of signing the EC declaration of conformity for machines or production lines.

Consultancy for electrical and mechanical design

We offer a consultancy service for all aspects related to the safety of new and used machines, both from an electrical and a mechanical point of view.

We are able to design and build systems for machine upgrades (revamping) in compliance with current regulations, if necessary by studying the best solutions to realize emergency line emergency circuits in case of multiple interconnected machines within a production plant.