Lift for brake calipers

At the request of one of our customers, we designed and developed a lifting device for brake calipers.
The project covered all the skills that SAECON has, all the engineers were used in order to create a safe and well-structured accessory. The project has foreseen:
– Dimensional survey at our customer
– CAD design
– FEM structural verification according to EN 13155: 2009 standard
– Complete technical file according to machine directive 2006/42 / EC
– Construction of the lift at partner mechanical workshops

The lifter allows to take directly from the pallet the object to be moved, usually a brake caliper
Once the object is in position, the operator manually accompanies the lift using two handles on the side of the lift.
In this way the stability of the object is maintained until it is correctly positioned.

For the benefit of our customer, a lifting device has been created in complete outsourcing, in compliance with the machinery directive and the current regulations, from the design of the prototype to its complete realization.

For the design of the lift, reference was made to:
Standard EN 13155: 2009 Lifting equipment – Safety – Removable load handling equipment.

The designers based themselves looking at old models of accessories present by the customer and creating a completely new and more efficient one.

The structural resistance check of the forklift was carried out by means of a finite element model in which the loading and restraining conditions relating to the normal use of the lifter have been reproduced.

A maximum weight of 100 kg was considered for the calculation.

The structural check of the lifter has been carried out through linear analysis of the FE model in which loads and restraints have been introduced relative to the normal conditions of use of the lifter.

From the analysis carried out the distribution of the deformations within the structure and the progress of the equivalent stresses of Von Mises was obtained.

All the technical documentation has been drawn up as indicated by the Machinery Directive.

The definitive accessory to which the CE matricular plate has been applied to SAECON has been realized.