At the request of one of our customers, we have modified a mechanical support for existing railway applications.
The project covered many of the skills that SAECON has, including:
– Dimensional survey of the support currently in use at our customer’s workshops.
– FEM structural verification of the current support behavior.
– 3D CAD project of the modified media.
– FEM structural verification of the modified support behavior.
– Definition of standard procedures for the replacement of the supports in operation and for the subsequent intervention during maintenance operations.

Our customer has found that the support currently in place is functional, but makes maintenance operations of the devices placed around it difficult and time-consuming.

The solution proposed by SAECON was conceived from the perspective of:
– Maintain the same performances as the existing solution or improve them.
– Be less invasive during maintenance.
– Speed up the intervention operations and consequent adjustment of the complete system.

The evaluation of the impact of the design modifications proposed on the mechanical strength of the entire structure was carried out through the construction of an FEM model.

The objective of the analysis is to verify that:
1- The proposed modification does not introduce any variation of the system stiffness. With the same external load, the movements must be less or equal to the initial situation.
2- The proposed modification does not introduce greater mechanical stresses than those present in the initial design.
3- The dynamic behavior (oscillation frequencies) of the system does not vary.
4- The joining elements used (bolts) comply with the VDI 2230 standard.