Structural checks of components according to FKM

FKM is a series of guidelines developed in Germany and recently entered into current use also in Switzerland, considering the state of the art in the field of structural verification of various types of metal components and with respect to various types of load.

Saecon is able to offer a complete support for the verification of welding seams and members at a global and local level thanks to the purchase of the license for the new dedicated tool, integrated into Ansys Workbench.

We can define load spectra of local and global parameters, materials, consequences in case of damage, to produce both graphical results for a quick evaluation of the state of effort, and a complete report containing the entire calculation path from hypotheses to results.

Calculation times are minimized by simplifying modeling in the least-at-risk areas, typically with two-dimensional elements and without direct modeling of the weld bead, which is then defined during FKM verification. The detailed representation of the cord, burdensome both in terms of modeling and calculation, is limited only to areas subject to greater danger.