Structural Analysis

Study and analysis for the machine design in compliance with current directives.

Resistance checks

We perform static and dynamic analysis, verification of components and joints according to current Swiss and European standards: FKM, SIA, VDI, EN...

Thanks to the new FKM tool integrated in Ansys, the transition from analysis to ascertainment of the state of effort is continuous: we can create different load spectra, set of local and global parameters, and produce both graphical results, which allow an immediate evaluation ‘eye of the state of global and local effort, is a complete report containing the entire calculation path, useful for certification.

Personalized Solutions

Both in dynamic and static we can provide you with fast diagnoses of malfunctions, frequent breakdowns, anomalies with respect to the expected behavior.

Our task force, thanks to constant contact with the customer, acts quickly in emergency situations for a quick and effective solution. The use of simplified models allows you to perform numerous analyzes in a short time, testing different corrections to implement only those really effective.

Training and technical support

We provide training courses for all ANSYS products, from the basic level to advanced, at your premises or at our offices, with theoretical dispensations and practical examples developed specifically to address the typical problems of your industry.

We also provide technical support if you want to develop your own solution with ANSYS products in FEA and CFD.

Thermal analysis

Heat is a precious source of energy, but it can be an enemy for the structural integrity of your product.

An early diagnosis of possible problems due to treatments during production and thermal cycles during their useful life can avoid long redesign times and economic and image damage to your company.

CFD analysis

Fluid dynamics, fluid-structure interaction, HVAC, thermo-fluid dynamics:

the experience gained in the field and the wide-spectrum theoretical preparation of our engineers guarantee rapid solutions to complex problems. Thanks to the recent purchase of new, more powerful multi-processor computing servers, we are able to solve a large number of equations in a short time.