Technical Documentation

Support, drafting documentation and solutions for the safe and correct operation of the machines.

Technical file

Constitution of the technical dossier in accordance with the Machinery Directive 2006/42 / EC and other pertinent.

The editorial staff takes place at different stages during which the customer is always at his side, step by step, arriving at the release of the technical file of the machine and the relative declaration of conformity.

Risk assessment

Particularly attentive to safety and health, we provide our professionalism and experience for a careful risk assessment both in the electrical mechanical field (UNI EN ISO 12100: 2010 and other pertinent) and in the hygienic field (the FMEA method is applied) with careful analysis of the materials in contact with the product.

Instructions for Use

Drafting of the use and maintenance manual of the machine.

Calculation of the performance level for safety circuits

Our knowledge in the electrical field allows us to evaluate and efficiently select the best components to be used for the correct implementation of a safety circuit.

After identifying the machine danger centers and analyzing the risk exposure, we are able to design and implement safety-related control functions that meet the required Performance Level (PLr).

We perform the performance level calculation according to UNI EN ISO 13849-1: 2016. We use certified software (SISTEMA software) providing reports on the level of performance achieved by the safety circuits implemented.


Execution of visual, instrumental and simulation tests or verifications.

Our electrical engineers are at the customer’s complete disposal to support it or to perform tests on the electrical equipment of the machines or phonometric tests for the detection of the dB of the machinery.

We use certified tools including:
– For electrical tests: BRAND: HT Instrument / Model: FULLTEST3
– For the phonometric tests: BRAND: Delta OHM srl / Model: HD2010UC – 09073041952


Realization of video, to assist the operators, for the conduction and maintenance of the machine.