Semi-automatic quotation software for limited runs CNC products

Area: Machining


Category:  Production


Estimating production time and costs to determine the selling price

The Customer produces limited runs, non-standard and almost never recurring mechanical components as an outsourcer. The quotation of these items requires the collaboration between the sales, technical and manufacturing departments in order to correctly evaluate efforts and costs. To reduce the time associated with budgeting a tool to estimate work time, costs and suggested selling price is needed.


To support the commercial office

Quickly and precisely estimate the incoming orders, taking into account all internal costs and margins, while providing the manufacturing department a reasonable estimate of the time needed to produce each code. This activity is carried out directly by the sales department using the drawings of the parts to be manufactured.

Our solution and the benefits for the customer

Automatic quotation software

This activity allowed the Customer to have a software tool, whose output is integrated within its own management system, which allows the sales department to independently create a series of estimates without the need for other company functions to intervene. The comparisons between the production efforts estimated by the software and those actually required show a good fidelity of the achieved result.